"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

May 19, 2013

Ahoy me hearties!  All hand hoay!

Beware, the following journal entry contains pirate speak.

First, I want to complain about physical problems, then I won’t complain the rest of the trip.  My leg has been kind of weird and sore feeling since detox.  That’s from when I broke it and I never went to physical therapy.  I never felt a thing with all the pain meds I was on, but now I’m clean so I feel everything.  My stitches were taken out Friday before Hasty, Patrick, Pete and I left for our road trip, so that’s good, and the scars don’t look bad.  Hasty evened off my hair in the back so the shaved part doesn’t stand out so much, now that some hair has grown in.  My black eyes are now a yellow with spots of grey, so not so bad, my nose isn’t swollen.  Those…

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