"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

August 10, 2013

Well yesterday was my birthday and Paula threw me a birthday party.  All the regulars came, old friends, new friends, Emma.  Again, Dave wasn’t invited, of course.  We had a fire in the back though it was rainy.  Most people stayed inside, kind of going in and out to be by the fire.  There was always at least one person tending to it.  People gave me some presents which was cool.  Usually they would give me alcohol or something like that.  I got a few more journals so it seems I’m going to be keeping a journal for a long, long time.  Pete gave me a coupon towards rent for when I finally decide to move back in with him.  The best present was from Emma.

Emma made me a scrap book with all the photos of us and good times beginning from way back when we…

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