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My countdown in the top left sidebar says I have 2 days until my transition of Wall Grimm is complete.  I’ve manipulated it by posting mostly 4 posts per day in order to make the transition more significant.  In other words, the final, most current Wall Grimm journal entry, #142 will be moved from here to the Wall Grimm blog on Saturday 14th.  This means that the first new post to appear on “The Journal of Wall Grimm” will happen sometime Sunday.  No more new posts or anything pertaining to Grimm will appear here on the Sage Doyle blog.  I will reblog in the beginning, but eventually that will stop.  If you want to keep reading the journal, and stay in touch with the other things I plan to do with the Grimm blog–including posting an entire novel I’ve written as if it is being written by Grimm–be sure to follow that blog specifically, since the posts won’t appear in your reader otherwise.


Once the transition is complete, I’ll be building more onto “The Journal of Wall Grimm” including updating and adding to the pages.  Also, one of the pages is DIALOGUE WITH GRIMM in case you wanted to ‘talk’ to Grimm ‘personally’ or ask him any questions.  It is me, responding as Grimm, and it can get a little tricky since his journal’s supposedly private so he doesn’t know people are reading it on a blog.  It’s an experiment and has been kind of fun.

Regarding this Sage Doyle blog, I’ve been working on pages which will archive my old writing so that it’s all more accessible than digging through the archives.  This is especially true for the poetry.  It will be a long process since I’ve discovered I have well over 300 poems.  I’m archiving by putting the titles and the links, and then I will organize them into categories, such as romantic poetry, nature poems, etc.  Other pages will be made for my Random Writing, and Fellow Author Promos, and maybe even the Images and Photos.  These pages will remain private until complete.  Based on the progress I’ve made so far, it might take me about a month to finish.

While I go through the shaping of both blogs, the primary focus will continue to be the Grimm blog, though I will be writing more poetry here than I have been.  Eventually once I accomplish all the cleaning up and archiving, I’ll have more time to write short fiction pieces here to post as well as the poetry.  At that point, I may stop reblogging the new Grimm stuff.  I’m just speculating now.

Lastly, the weather forecast.  A huge snow storm is headed my way for the weekend.  If by any chance that causes me to lose power, then the transition will be delayed.  If I do disappear, don’t worry.  I won’t be dead, only cold (especially since I have electric heat).

And……thank you once again.  You have to know that the rewards I receive from your readership far surpasses anything I could have ever expected in terms of gaining success as a writer.  I feel profoundly successful and very blessed.

Have a great weekend and use caution if you’re superstitious since it’s Friday the 13th.