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Ok, as you can see on my countdown to my left, according to my blog it is now December 15th.  Don’t believe my blog.  It lies.  For me, it is still 14th.  My blog thinks I’m in a different time zone, but I kind of like the strange and random challenges that come from that.  I also can’t change it, because I’ve tried.  No big deal because I crammed in the final 4 posts of Wall Grimm–sorry for the overload–and his blog has now achieved INDEPENDENCE.  What that means is that tomorrow, when it is really the 15th for me, I will be posting the first new Wall Grimm to appear on “The Journal of Wall Grimm Blog”.

So…you should follow, if you want to follow, since following me alone here on my Sage Doyle blog won’t bring Grimm to your reader.  I’ve said that many times before, I know.  I’m sorry to be a pain in the ass (especially with the links).  I will be reblogging for an undetermined amount of time until I decide to stop.

Click here to go to “The Journal of Wall Grimm”

Also, my poetry returns on Monday.  I know some of you only like the poetry, so I apologize for neglecting that.  I’ve been working on the Poetry Page and making quicker progress than I expected.  Once it’s all archived and categorized, it’ll be easier to find old poems that you may or may not have read before.  As it is now, it’s nearly impossible to read back that far.

I see a lot of visits and comments today that I haven’t gotten to yet, but I’ve been busy and I went to see “The Hobbit” which was awesome.  I’ll catch up with visits and comments tomorrow.  The storm’s kicking in yet I still have power.  It’s supposed to get bad overnight and into the early morning.  Unfortunately, there’s the chance that I may still lose power, but I hope that doesn’t happen.

Anyway, thank you for sticking with me through this process.  Hopefully it’ll be worth it for you.

Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of your weekend!