"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

December 17, 2013

The craziness here is beginning to drive me crazy.  It’s less about keeping to myself, and more about adjusting to the psychoses of the other people.  You have to figure out their habits and tendencies.  You need to know what sets them off and whether or not it’s dangerous to set them off.  I’m not afraid, nobody really bothers with me.  If I did have to face that violence, I still wouldn’t be afraid.  Instead I’d fight to the death if I had to.  Strange thing is, I haven’t felt violent myself.  I’m typically prone to agitation and violence, but these days I don’t seem to have the energy for that.  Partly it’s due to the intensity of my depression about Valentina.  I’m not motivated to express myself with words or actions.  I just have become a kind of ghost.  Another part is that my focus is…

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