"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

December 26, 2013

Well, I got through Christmas.  We didn’t have anything Christmas related here because of varying religions and also people often have tragic memories or views pertaining to Christmas.  The facility was decorated with generic seasonal stuff, mostly snowmen and Wintry things.  I could have gotten out on a pass to see family, but I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone.  It’s one of the main reasons why I’m in here.  I did not want to celebrate Christmas when it would have been Valentina’s first.  I had already gotten her some presents.  She and Gary Oldman (II) are the only ones I bought for prior to all this.  I would have gotten other people things, but it was still early yet.  I’m kind of a procrastinator shopper, but I do put a lot of thought into gifts.  When I get out, I don’t want presents.  I…

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