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Ok, I know I haven’t been writing as many poems as I promised but I’ve been very busy.  I consider myself more of a novelist than a poet, and Grimm has been consuming my mind the way a novel would.  That’s another part of the neglect of the poetry.  I’m hoping that this week I will be writing more poems.  I’d like to post one every day or every other day at the very least.  There is a lot of poetry in my novel Amon-Re which I’ve been posting on “The Journal of Wall Grimm” as if Grimm is writing it.  So even if you don’t like the story, if you glance through, you may find some poetry.  Some of it has been posted here in the past, some of it will be stuff I’ve never posted.

Anyway, as I did before, I’m going to list out some of the more interesting searches that bring people to my blog.  This time, I have included the searches bringing people to “The Journal of Wall Grimm” blog.  I have to say that most of these can be blamed on Grimm.  Last time I did a post like this, I included the links to the posts that might have led people here.  (To view the last post like this, entitled “Sorry Gary Oldman” click here).  This time, I’m just going to offer the link to the Journal Entries Index http://wp.me/P41c99-J  If you go there, and glance through the titles of the journal entries, you’re likely to find the posts that prompted these search results.  The links to each post is listed by each title.

The following are searches that led people to my Sage Doyle blog during the last quarter.  I left all the typos in tact.  Again, I blame most of these on Grimm:

grab ass


person devoured by a desease?

mst3k pod people song – this I posted apart from Grimm.


fanfics where u have dd tits

sage doyle wordpress – very cool when I see someone specifically searching me out.

mythbusters masturbation on kari – sorry Kari but this was in a Grimm post, but subtler

accidental gay encounter

painful stupidity devil came up to boston – another video apart from Grimm

gay oldman sex

naked swimming

tits for gary oldman picture

fair weather friend poem

pod people idiot control

www (dot) oldman nacked.com – no matter how much I tried to avoid making a link out of this, it ignored me, so I typed “dot” because I don’t know where this goes.  And there is a space between oldman and nacked.  Yes, nacked is what they typed.

she feels lonely sexy poem

gary oldfield naked pictures

doyle sage sunset

excalibur poem brent

gary oldman


allspice for sex

faces in the woods

kilted cowboy

kilts blown up in the wind

thursday this sadness alone

mom passed out on couch

wind blows kilt up

logo am me who you – what??

wall ankh

These are the searches that led people to “The Journal of Wall Grimm” blogSome of these may be attributed to the tv show, I’m not sure.  I’ve never seen the show, and the name Wall Grimm existed prior to my awareness of the show, btw, since I haven’t had cable in over 10 years.  But many are directly related to Wall Grimm, not just subject matter, which is awesome:


sexwall me

gary oldman friends – yes Gary Oldman, you can find friends on my Wall Grimm blog, I promise

gary oldman

journal entries for fetishes


thanksgiving with the grimm – “the grimm” I love it

fairy tale journal grimm

the walking dead writers suck – oops maybe I shouldn’t have put something to that effect in the title of a journal entry

what type of tongue rings is used for oral sex

shit – now this is a great fucking search

when is the grimm journel being released uk

10 journals of grimm

road trip old man

sketch of kilt blowing up with butt

pirate hat gary oldman

grimm 123

gary oldman alcoholic

journal of wall grimm

grimm 112

grimm 134

grimm 104

the must beauttifull jonrnal lady make fuck or sex

what does heroin user sewing kit

gary oldman seventy five years fuking free video download

me and mom fack haisty – I’m assuming this was the result of Hasty, sorry Hasty.  To be perfectly clear, my mother and I have never facked Hasty.

blow of individualism

grimm 137

naked swimming

grimm journal

And lastly, the winner of the searches happens to be, according to WordPress, the search that most often brought people to my Sage Doyle blog.  I like it because, I don’t know…maybe I should take it as a compliment?

the perfect ass

…yeah, I’ll take that as a compliment.  Thanks!