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Sorry for another notification sort of blog post, but I’ve just decided on a schedule of my posts.  You don’t even need to like this one, it’s brief.  I had originally wanted to blog a journal entry and then Amon-Re on “The Journal to Wall Grimm” blog on alternating days, then reblog here for an undetermined amount of time before I discontinue reblogging.  On top of that, I wanted to post a poem here every afternoon.  However, since I tend to be more dedicated to novels, stories, and whatever worlds I create around my characters, I’ve been very consumed by Wall Grimm and Amon-Re.  Those are long posts, and by afternoon, I either don’t have the mindset for a poem, or I’m too busy to write one.  As a result my poetry hasn’t been happening as I’ve planned.  So what I’ve decided to do is continue to reblog Wall Grimm and Amon-Re, then on the third day post a poem.  It will just be a cycle like that.  Wall Grimm, Amon-Re, poem, Wall Grimm, Amon-Re, poem….etc…one post per day, for the time being.  Once my schedule eases up, I have additional things I plan to post on both blogs, however this is how it will be until I have more time and give you further notice.  That said, tomorrow I will be posting Amon-Re and Thursday will be a poem, and…etc.  Just a heads up in case anyone is interested.  Thanks so much for your patience as I am balancing two blogs and two different writing focuses.



And btw, thanks for tolerating my new obsession with links, especially since the same words don’t always lead to the same places.