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I could breathe once you made your presence known
as if I had never lived before
your gracious advance and courteous way
coveted by the clandestine bodies in our midst
We don't know who they are
yet the spirits on my skin disconnect
whenever they approach
and here you are before me
and I can breathe
The desperation fooled itself against me
as it had once been mine, once until
now they see they have my challenge
that warring, grating pride I no longer deny
sanctioned on your behalf 
They breach and pull
and now I breathe but this air poisons me
as it emerges from this rationed blood
I'd rather filthy my hands in the ash
and suck air from the stolid entities 
once implanted if not for shelter 
it is quieter that way
Don't withdraw once they come for you
falling behind against your camarade
I am not careless but full of life
and ready to battle
along side of you