"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

January 20, 2014

First week of school went great.  A lot of cute girls, but many of them are too young.  That sucks when I think 18 year olds are too young for me, says something about my age.  They just act young too, but they can be really flirty.  Most of them are just getting out into the world on their own, especially those who are staying in the dorms and/or are from out of town or state.  I already got invited to a party but I declined.  I’m like the boring old guy, in a way.  24 years old and I’m the boring old guy.  They just don’t know the shit I’ve been through, not that it’s so much in comparison with other people who’ve had it worse, but it just makes me feel detached from many people.  The thing is, I’m aware of my shit, and I…

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