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No it is not my time
not the perilous day
when the arbitrary fate
passes this way
no incantation
conceives to boast
not here
not upon this breasted ghost

And this I say 
with a ferocious stride 
as I walk away

There is yet more to face!
despite the stupidity besting me
this battle devises no disgrace

Here upon this ground, within my sheath
my belligerence suffers no untimely defeat
and surrounded I witness no volatile trace
which I cannot conquer through trial and grace 

So if the captive part of me
calls my bluff and notes my decree
while the pride spits random soliloquy
don't call me out when it's not my time
there are days to come, years of mine
and I will not succumb to whimper and die
it's not my time
not my time