"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

January 29, 2014

Bogart’s mother called me.  She got my number from the institution since I had given it to staff to put with his personal stuff that’s locked up.  She wanted to know who I was and why I wanted anything to do with her son.  I told her we had met in the institution and became friends and that I was hoping I could help him out whenever he’s released.  She said that Bogart, or Neil as she calls him, doesn’t have any friends and when he does, they don’t last long, and what makes me think I could help him, and why would she want him hanging around another “mental.”  I replied that I’m kind of a loyal friend, through thick and thin unless someone fucks me over, and that just being his friend could help him, and that I’m not a mental, I put myself there…

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