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Depression’s Dance. HastyWords.
Published December 22, 2013. 104 pages


Depression’s Dance by HastyWords is a compilation of poetry and narrative that documents the course of depression, conveyed from the perspective of Hasty’s personal experience.  Depression is personified as a seductive force attempting to charm Hasty into continuing the dance, which could ultimately destroy her.  The book describes the journey of struggles, torment, regrets, frustration, and hope that she has known while suffering from depression.

Hasty states in the prologue, “It isn’t an emotion; it isn’t a state of mind; it is a disease.  My advice, if you think you might be depressed:  find someone to talk to and acknowledge it before it tries to kill you.”  This is extremely important to recognize that depression is in fact a disease.  Those who suffer from it too often blame themselves or become so discouraged that they cannot fight and heal.  By personifying depression and using the metaphor of the dance, Hasty emphasizes that depression manipulates the mind and emotions, and imprisons the spirit in a seemingly endless cycle, until a person no longer has the strength to continue the dance.  Personification is a psychologically effective technique which can help to separate depression as its own entity from the person who is suffering.  Through this separation, the person no longer identifies his/herself with the disease, and is able to distinguish it as something to confront and conquer.

In Depression’s Dance, depression is also given a voice, “I have convinced you to believe you are broken beyond repair.”  It speaks throughout the book as an enchanter, luring Hasty to walk away from those she loves, from her desires and things that make her happy, and essentially her life.  Hasty skilfully creates the voice as if it is spoken just under the surface of the conscious, sensed, but unheard.  It implants negative perceptions and sabotages the ability to dispel them.  While depression is an underlying influence which aims to destroy her, Hasty’s own voice is shared through her poetry.

Hasty’s poetry reveals how she is affected by depression.  She acutely expresses her thoughts and emotions, and exposes the impact the disease has on her life.  “A Little Friendly Advice” shows what she is honestly thinking during conversations with concerned friends.  “Breathing Contradiction” is an amazing poem, profound in its simplicity.  It is an incredibly valid portrait of the inner world of someone who suffers from depression.  “A Dressed Up Heart” regards her sadness even as a child.

Depression’s Dance focuses on an intense struggle with depression, and evokes a powerful sense of hope throughout, with the message that the disease can be overcome.  I would highly recommend Depression’s Dance by HastyWords to anyone who has suffered or is currently suffering from depression, anyone who knows someone who has or has had depression, or anyone who just enjoys reading beautiful and touching poetry.

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Review by Sage Doyle