"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

February 7, 2014

Today I want to talk about 4 things:

1.  Living with Howard

2.  Assholes

3.  Technology

4.  Girls

1.  Living with Howard:  I like living with Howard.  A lot.  But there’s a problem arising for me.  I can’t come and go at night as I please because then he gets worried, he wants me to call and let him know where I am and when I’m going to be home.  Also, it’s kind of stifling my sex life.  I feel weird about bringing girls home to this basement room/apartment in someone else’s house.  I don’t think Howard would appreciate that.  Also, and this has nothing to do with Howard, but since I’m not drinking or drugging anymore, I feel like I have no life apart from school, work, and Blues Monday.  I don’t even hang out with half my friends anymore because I just don’t feel right…

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