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We hitchhiked to Louisiana
arriving at the bayou in a dump truck
and were greeted with whiskey by a man named Bobby
who said his nickname was Pete
we were welcomed in this shack
set askew amidst the cornfields
Pete said the town had a population of forty
"when everybody's home"

We fished under the bridge using a couple crawdads we found
but that was after we ran out of doodlebugs 
who no longer believed
that their houses were on fire

I swam in the bayou and they said I was crazy
as I swam with water moccasins and alligators
maybe I was a little crazy

I prepared zucchini for our hosts 
cooked the Sicilian way
they thought it was strange but ate it anyway
while we watched El Cid on their small tv
at dusk we drank whiskey on the front porch
eating fresh corn and smoking cigarettes

When we departed to head to New Orleans
it was like leaving family
though we had to search our packs several times
to be sure we had no cockroach companions
it was a sad farewell to our hosts
including grandma in her scary clown mask
which won her first prize of twenty dollars
three Halloweens in a row

We knew our hosts for three days
that was years ago
yet they remain to be
some of my favorite people I ever met
fleeting in the span of my life
invisible within the extent of human existence

It leads me to wonder about these moments
how important are they
what is their purpose
is it for me alone although I share it
I know it's personal 
no one but me will ever know its value

I can only deduce it is an energy
a charge in the force which keeps life strong
fleeting in the span of my life
tapped into my soul 
fulfilling my experience

My connection with this
reveals itself in little ways
and spreads through other people
one by one
simply as a result of my appreciation
formulating the dynamic of reverence
for all of human kind