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There flows the seas and
calms the skies, within
the masquerading eyes
the whims and whispers
the fortunes surmised, enchanting
warming, remittent cries
beyond the spirit of her pride
carried past the slighted mind
as she engages, rages, parades her rhyme
depicting soul and sad sublime
the poet's praise and banded hope
reprised like night with which to cope
the darkening day, the haunted dusk
she is the horizon of morning's cusp
she takes to trust as she foresees
the inner tide, the time to seize
as her voice exclaims solemnity
her pleasure, her needs, her sincerity
as it is all she hopes to be
with no reason for remorse
as she chooses the bitter course
a ride beyond her own discrepancy
she is ambitioned to this beauty
the lovely soul of her, the fine poet
wise enough to ensure, her words
her prose as she is stoic
this princess and wholesome kind
with my love so entwined as she
is guilded to inspire, this love
she earns to conspire against
the obstinate truth, the shifted fire
still with my love, and all she dreams
she is more than what she seems

I told Hasty I would write a poem for her a while back, and it took me a while to come around to it, but here it is. For Hasty at http://hastywords.wordpress.com/