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I pass it on to expose me
once proud and endeavored
now doubtful and plagued
with unease and vacillation
yet persevered until dismayed
then I step back and build again
as the soul of my exposure ages
this round for this piece may be the last
as I pass on other things
I'm not so sensitive 
to take it personal
neither had I done so in the past
however the stamina of my pursuit
suffers more than my ambition
and I wonder if the presentation
is what discredits me
or is it something misconceived
perhaps dubious and interweaved
a lack of comprehension of my thoughts
as I am naked for this faction
and once again I reflect upon what I display
I question the worth and skill
since I am better now
I have other things to say
and this is the process every time
an inspired pace becomes inaction
if I could just surpass that one veil
which seems simple to some
but for me it is an iron wall
while those on the other side
I think they are gods
and I am subservient to them
ceding from my heart my pride
groveling like an abused dog
beaten into submission
although I may submit no more
until I gather new and self restore
to once again expose 
a different part of me