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Sometimes I will be reminded
by the way the wind blows
and the sense of being
somewhere else
as I hear familiar sounds
which bring me back to the beauty
of a simple moment
not always defined
yet it embraces me
sometimes suffocates me
as moving onward becomes difficult
should I have mistaken it 
for something else
though at the time I believed I was free

The painful memories cause me to wrench
within every cell of my body
knowing it is a part of me
evidence of how I am here

I am here to live
to take in what came before
and take on what is to come

I am here to prevail
as I design for justification
and delve for the fragments of me
strewn across the days
to seep into my skin
riding slick like boundless vessels 
through my blood
so that I may close my eyes
and poise my arms in triumph
as I am incited by the particles
of my existence

I will feel alive
I will be alive
I will be who I am
an allocation of living tissue
validating all that has come before
affirming every joy
accepting every agony
as I thrive today
alive and seething
at peace and breathing
immersed in the world that touches me
carousing in the life that reaches me
the strong and graceful me
encompassed by sorrow and bliss

For this my day and all days forward
I am chiseled by those yesterdays
with the surge of my providence
to verge on amongst my tomorrows
with pride instilled to dispel grief
and the confidence in my purpose

This poem was written for http://morbidinsanity02.wordpress.com/ who wanted a poem about nostalgia, addressing not only the looking back, but how the reflection can be “a mix of sad joy” which often constitutes the past.