"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

March 14, 2014

Yesterday, Pete, John, Ayla, Morgan, Sweetheart, and I dressed up like we were from the 50’s and then we went bowling.  Sweetheart actually joined us, which is a good thing.  Very unusual.  For a bohemian, she rarely leaves the apartment.  We convinced her to come and I believe she had a good time.  Though I missed part of it, which I will get into…  Anyway, it was pretty cool to be around Sweetheart without sex being some kind of strange force field in the air.  It was also a relief to not have the heaviness of Valentina’s death hovering about us.  Rather, there was definitely the grief, yet it was something we shared that brought us together in a way, the same sadness which is all encompassing, yet not seeming to be so debilitating anymore, at least not last night.  And being around her this time, finally…

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