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Please allow me to think aloud here for a rambling kind of update:

I haven’t been keeping up with the poetry very much lately, I apologize for that.  My schedule has been a cycle of:


“The Journal of Wall Grimm” (reblog)

Amon-Re (reblog)

Occasionally I’ve reblogged someone else’s post in lieu of a poem, or I just didn’t publish a poem or anything at all.  At this time, I’m going to continue breaking that cycle, since I have a lot of activity happening in my personal life.  Also, I’ve always considered myself more of a novelist than a poet, so I find that my impetus is leaning me towards Wall Grimm and Amon-Re.

I will recommence that cycle eventually, however there are things that I am planning for the future, maybe sooner than later or later than sooner, whenever the opportunity and inspiration coincide.

I have other things I’d like to post, such as my own personal stories in the style of “The Journal of Wall Grimm”.  I wrote one post and had some requests to do it again. (click here if you want to read it)  I haven’t forgotten about that.  Also, I have old diaries from the early 1900s which I’d like to do something with.  I already posted etchings and writing from a journal from the mid 1900s on “The Journal of Wall Grimm”, in the RANDOM GRIMMNESS category, but I have more to use. (click here and here for these entries)

I’d like to update and revamp the pages on Wall Grimm, and I want to maybe create pages for the archives of the categories here on my Sage Doyle blog.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to take a break from my poetry altogether.  During this break, beginning tomorrow, I’ll make my poetry page static, and see how that works out.  I’ll still reblog Wall Grimm and Amon-Re, but the poetry page will be the first thing you see when you come to my blog.  (If I don’t like it, I won’t keep it like that).  There are I think over 300 poems, so I’m assuming there aren’t many, if any, readers who have seen them all.  By taking a break from poetry, every three days I will have a free day, which I think I need at this time.  So the cycle would be:

Free Day

“The Journal of Wall Grimm” (reblog)

Amon-Re (reblog)

With a stagnant poetry page when you first visit this blog.

During my free day, it will give me time to play around with and organize some of my above mentioned ideas.  It will also enable me to work on a Pitch Bible for “The Journal of Wall Grimm” because I’d like to try submitting it for television.  That’s a tougher market to break than publishing, so it may never come to fruition, though I just want to give it a try.  It’s a completely different process than submitting to literary agents, and that kind of intrigues me.

My attempts towards publication happen like this: I submit to about 20 agents, then I wait for all the rejections, and then build up the esteem to submit to more.  They mostly all say the same thing, “it isn’t right for us but I’m sure there are other agents who would be interested,” or a variation of that response.  I honestly don’t think I will find an agent for it, because through all my grueling research, there have been very few, if any, that remotely seem to be looking for what I write.  The descriptions of their interests seem subjective and vague when lined up against my manuscript.  I have to read through the lines of what they say they want in order to interpret whether or not my novel is relevant.  My conclusion is that there are no agents who want what I write.

There are no agents or publishers who would ever bother with it, unless I was already successfully published, because it’s controversial and a little disturbing.  It’s a complicated storyline to represent in the paragraph of a query letter and I’m horrible at writing queries.  There’s a part of me that wants to give up on it entirely and begin one of the other novels I have in mind.  In order to do that though, I have some other things I need to accomplish, including my above mentioned goals, as well as getting through some of the tedious things I’m finalizing in my personal life.

The truth is, I’ve hit that stage that happens on occasion with me, and I know other writers experience this too.  I’m discouraged.  I’m encouraged by my awesome readers and by the rewards I get from blogging, but discouraged on my path towards publication.  All this said, that’s why I’m taking a break from the poetry, in order to organize my ambitions and thoughts, and see where the impetus takes me.  It has to be the poetry because Wall Grimm and Amon-Re are ongoing stories which wouldn’t do well with interruption.

Perhaps once Amon-Re ends, that’s when I’ll resume my poetry.  Amon-Re is a novel I wrote several years ago, so it does have an end.  Wall Grimm has no end in sight for the time being.

I guess that’s all I have to say except thanks for being here.  My appreciation of your readership is immense.  You validate all my efforts in everything I post.  You’ve powerfully contributed to my esteem as a writer.  Your worth to me and the way you humble me has been so incredible that blogging has been my priority over attempts to publish.  I can’t express how thankful I am for that.  And I will get back to the poetry.  I know some of you only read the poems, so I’m sorry about that.  I hope you’ll read through the archives or perhaps return once I begin writing them again, however I can’t say at this time when that will be.  I’m thinking I need a few months, estimating that the latest I will resume poetry will be early September.

Thanks so much for everything.