"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

March 22, 2014

Ok, back to describing how Emma’s birthday ended.

Emma and I helped her parents clean up.  After, the four of us talked for about an hour, but as Emma and I branched off into our own conversation, her parents got ready and went to bed.

We talked for a while, mostly about old times, about some funny things that happened.  Eventually she asked me about the present I had for her which I left in the car.  I said I’d go out for a smoke, get the present and come back in.  I was reflecting on the entire evening, assessing myself, which it’s not typical of me, except around Emma these days.  I couldn’t think of anything I said or did that made me cringe or want to leave.  That was good.  Then I determined that, not only did I not make a fool of myself or…

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