"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

April 7, 2014

Friday morning, Olivia said she’d drive me home which would be quicker than the train.  At the last minute before we were out the door, she grabbed my journal from me, ran to her bedroom, locked herself in, then came out and told me she hid it.  Ummm….ok?  She had a key to her bedroom and slipped it into her underwear.  Believe it or not, the abduction of my journal distracted me from even wanting to venture there to access the key.  My journal is an object which people seem to want to covet, and I guess it’s the next best thing to stealing me.  She told me it was collateral for my return.  I wasn’t going to leave it so she said I’d just have to stay.  Not that staying and fucking her would have been a bad thing, but I was a new Grimm, a responsible Grimm, and it…

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