"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

I have been honored with The Butterfly Light Award from http://poemotherapishoppe.com/ and from


Thanks so much!


I have a bunch of awards I need to follow through with, but one of the rules of this particular award is to not lump it in with other awards, so I’m honoring that rule and here it stands alone.  I’ll be doing the other awards soon, so if you’re not on this list, you might be on that one.  I tend to select my awardees not necessarily based on the theme of the award, sorry, but based on differing methods I use to organize my approach.  It’s challenging to honor people and leave others out.  So the way I’ve selected my awardees for The Butterfly Light, and the other awards to come, is by giving it mostly to people who have liked some recent posts, with a couple extra bloggers thrown in the mix.  I…

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