"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

May 3, 2014

Emma graduates on May 15th and she is planning to leave for Spain on June 1st.  I just got an invitation to a graduation/going away party for her, which was sent to my parents’ house because Emma’s parents don’t know my address at Howard’s.  The party is on Saturday the 24th.  That only leaves me with the weekend before or the weekend after, which is the weekend she’s leaving, to plan some way to get her to Charlotte’s Web to see The Convoy, so I can perform the song I wrote for her, and….

….she will instantly fall in love with me and alter all her life plans to be with me.  wtf.  Is that what I’m really expecting?  Seriously?  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I’m so fucking stupid.  But Sharly is encouraging.  She gave us May 17th to perform and she said that Emma…

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