"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

*Please be sure to watch the video of the song, “For Emma” at the end of this journal entry.  Music and performance by Kev Cooper athttp://kevs-domain.net/  Lyrics by Sage Doyle


May 19, 2014

My performance for Emma on Saturday night happened.  This is my story about that.

I was nervous and I wasn’t sure why, but it was almost debilitating.  I went separately from Howard and the rest of the guys.  Separately from everyone, even Cola.  I just needed to be alone.   That felt good at first, not being around a bunch of people going, “are you ok? you’ll be all right. don’t worry about it, it’ll be awesome.”  But then once I realized I was alone with myself, I knew I was in trouble.  On the way to Sharly’s store, I stopped at the liquor store and got a bottle of vodka.  I wasn’t planning on…

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