"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

June 9, 2014

Well I haven’t written in my journal for about 3 weeks and though not a lot has gone on, there have been some significant changes that have happened and there is further transition on the horizon.  But not to worry dear wise old sage journal, I’ll catch you up.  The same goes for you too, Invisible Journal Reading People.  IJRP.  That looks like one of those personality types.  Introverted, Judging, (?), Perceiving.  There’s no R in that, the Myers-Briggs things, so I have to make it up.  Um, Rigormortified.  Introverted, Judging, Rigormortified, Perceiving.  Now is this supposed to describe my Invisible Journal Reading People, me, or my journal, or all as a collective?  I like the collective idea.  I’m introverted, yet kind of outgoing.  There’s a misconception about introverts that they can’t be outgoing.  I’m just kinda shy.  I guess I’m judging, of myself, of other people, I can…

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