This is my final Sage/Grimm post. Well… it is more of a Thank You post and a please read Grimm post!!!!!

Sage has asked me to let everyone know he should be back up and running by Friday and to have a Happy Thanksgiving!


When do fictional characters become real?  When we fall in love with them!

Last week Sage asked me to help him out by writing a few Grimm tales for his journal.  He literally trusted me enough to give me the passwords to his blogs and said “just have fun!”  I don’t know about you but that would take a great deal of trust and I was (beyond words) honored to have the opportunity.  Besides being completely nervous and overwhelmed I accepted the challenge.  Why?  Because I LOVE the Grimm world.  I felt like I, as a fan, won a huge contest.

I wrote a Grimm everyday…

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