"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

February 11, 2015

Why haven’t I been writing in you, my old friend, Journal?  Here’s why:

1. There’s been tons of snow, roughly about 75 inches in 18 days.  What that means is that I’ve been doing a lot of shoveling.  A lot.  I’ve shoveled our place; I’ve shoveled some neighbors’ homes; and I’ve gone to my parents to help them.  My dad had a heart attack the first storm while shoveling.  He’s out of the hospital now, but I was going there do it for him after that.  I also shoveled at the store to help Sharly so she wouldn’t have to hire anyone to do it.  Well, she’d never really hire anyone, she’d do it herself, but she was eager to accept my offer to help her out.

2. Though school has been cancelled some days, I invested time into reading ahead and beginning future assignments.

3.  I’ve…

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