Please go check out this post at Art’s blog, Pouring My Art Out. He and I are beginning a collaborative story together, which is going to be really cool. So go read this post, which describes it, and while you’re at it, follow his blog, if you’re not already. Thanks!

Pouring My Art Out

I am collaborating on an ongoing series of posts that tell a story. I am doing these posts with my friend, Sage Doyle from over at; 

The story… which might well grow into a novel… is called; The Heirloom. It is about a ring made by a craftsman in ancient Rome. The story follows this ring through history. I wanted to call the story; The Ring, but that name is already taken by those stupid horror movies.

What makes this story interesting for you… and a challenge for us to write… is that we are doing it in a weird way. I created the first character, the jeweler who made the ring, then did a little story about him, and at the end, I created the next character who inherits the ring. Then Sage has to take over, using my character, fleshing him out and giving him depth, all…

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