Pouring My Art Out

Okay, I know my writing partner on this project just posted his part like a few hours ago… But I had to write this that fast. Because I am getting so excited by this whole thing. I decided to have Jesus make an appearance in our story. I know, this is a strange choice for someone who constantly makes fun of organized religion, but I do think Jesus was real. Maybe I should have let you discover him without the spoiler… ***(AFTER-THE-FACT SPOILER ALERT)***

Anyway, here is my next addition to our tag-team story about a ring…


The Heirloom… part 5

by Arthur Browne

Saa spent two years under the tutelage of an elderly Greek scholar whom he always referred to as Master. Gone were the times when young Egyptian boys were trained in the ancient hieroglyphs of their ancestors. He and his fellow students were taught Greek and…

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