Since I’ve gone award free, I’ve received a lot of awards, which is perfectly understandable since I don’t expect everyone to read everything I post.  So I’ve decide to just start a page, per recommendation by fellow bloggers who have also gone award free.  So here I’m posting the awards that I’ve received since my decision.  I’m going back and trying to find them, so I don’t think they’re all here.  Sorry if I don’t find them in my archives, I’ve lost track of where they’ve come from.  This page includes only those I located.  I include the logo and the person who awarded me.  Thank you so much.  I’ve gone award free because I find myself struggling to balance my time between writing posts, visiting other blogs, and working on my novel.  When I get an award, it’s an amazing honor and I’m deeply appreciative.  However, it is time consuming to follow through with the obligations of each award, and with that time I think I’d rather blog surf, visiting the sites of my fellow bloggers, which is crucial time I don’t have enough of.  I want to thank you for your readership and for honoring me with these awards.  Again, I’m sorry if I don’t list an award I’ve received, I just wasn’t able to locate the link.  These are not necessarily listed in the order I received them.  Also, I only went back as far as February 1st, because I think that’s when I stopped accepting awards.  You can see full awards posts in my BLOG AWARDS category.  Thank you!

Received by


Received by




Received by



Received by




Received from and


Received from


Received from  and


Received from


Received from


Received from


Received from who created this award with Marilyn Armstrong at


And honoring both me and Susan for our poetic duet  This one was received from Shree who designed the image for this award


Received from




6 thoughts on “AWARDS”

  1. Hi Sage, I have nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award…cheers friend :-)

  2. I wish I had a blog this awesome!!! Congrats on all of your awards, after four years and one blog being hacked I started over, losing so much,, blessings, Jackie a friend of Laurie N.

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