Welcome to my poetry page.  Here is the categorized index of all the poems on this blog, with the title and link to each poem.  Some poems may appear in more than one category.  Categories and poems are listed alphabetically.

These are the categories indexed below:













AMON-RE – These poems came originally from my novel Amon-Re, which I am now posting on “The Journal of Wall Grimm” blog, as if Wall Grimm is writing it.  Some poems here may have been cut from the most recent version of the novel.  To read the novel, click here.

“Chaos” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-chaos

“Chosen” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-chosen

“do not leave me” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-untitled

“I Call” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-ir

“My Friend” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-IG

“Slain One” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-XP

“Sleep” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-sleep

“The Mourner” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1bg

“Thunder” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-thunder

“Time to Die” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-14Y

GUEST POETS/OTHER POETS – These are poems by either other bloggers or famous poets, and there are some song lyrics included here as well.

“Allspice” by Charron http://wp.me/p2DnTA-19c

“Battle Scars” by The Chemical Brothers http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Xv

“Birches” by Robert Frost http://wp.me/p2DnTA-14A

“Excalibur” by David Brent, Renaissance Man http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Uz

“Fire Ignited” by Shree http://wp.me/p2DnTA-18P

“Follower” by Seamus Heaney http://wp.me/p2DnTA-OG

“Formation” by Hasty http://wp.me/p2DnTA-18C

“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Vb

“Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes http://wp.me/p2DnTA-P1

Lines by Shelley http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1bl

“Life Passes” by Shruti http://wp.me/p2DnTA-18L

“Slayer of Attraction” by Gray Dawster http://wp.me/p2DnTA-19x

“The Cave” by Mumford & Sons http://wp.me/p2DnTA-SN

“The Deliciousness of Eve” by Gray Dawster http://wp.me/p2DnTA-19D

“The Lady’s Dressing Room” by Jonathan Swift http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Qt

“The Ocean” by Nathaniel Hawthorne http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Sk

“To Mary–” by Percy Bysshe Shelley http://wp.me/p2DnTA-MU

“To My Mother” by Edgar Allan Poe http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Oj

HUMOR – I’m not that funny, so these are only a little humorous.

“Breath” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-breath

“Eating Chameleons” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-6g

“Flattery and Sex” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-12k

“I Do What She Wants” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1nA

“It’s Huge” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-116

“Parking Lots” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-2b

“The Rabbit of Seville, A Poem” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-fd

“The Text” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-7f

OLDER POEMS – These are poems I wrote in my early 20’s.

“Abused” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-abused

“Alone At the Bar” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-2u

“A Man” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1R

A Poem http://wp.me/p2DnTA-12

“Blood” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-blood

“Change” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-change

“Conqueror” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-136

“Dear One” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-4i

“Egyptian” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-egyptian

“Falling” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-falling

“Firewater” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1I

“For Khana” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-6V

“Garlic Festival” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-3e

“Hiding” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-hiding

“I Never Knew” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-7j

“Jim Morrison’s Desert” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1w

“Murderers” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-11v

“New” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-new

“No One But Me” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-cG

“Nothing” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-nothing

“One and All” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-4f

“Parking Lots” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-2b

“Patience” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Kb

“Peacemaker” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-5y

“Phenomenon” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-76

“Phoenix Woman” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-kP

“Poet” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-poet

“Secrets” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-LT

“Sidewalks” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-52

“Special” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-special

“Still” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-still

“The Singer” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-21

“Thought” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-thought

“To Her” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1B

“Victor” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-victor

“You Look Like Nature” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1GZ

POETIC DUETS – I wrote these with other bloggers, or another person.  Many of these poems rhyme, but I didn’t include them in the Rhyme Scheme category.

“A Broken Piece” by Shruti and Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-15S

“A Million Worries” by Shruti and Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-11Y

“Celebration Day” by Alia & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Z3

“Finding Life” by Hasty & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-16l

“Horizon” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-horizon

“How Often You Wander” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-10j

“I Hear Only You” by Susan & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1zJ

“Initiation” by Suzi & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Zr

“Mist” by Latoya and Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-XV

“My Lonely Sleep” by Shruti & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1oY

“Our Poem” by Hasty & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1rG

“Phoenix Woman” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-kP

“Summer Soul” by Hasty & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1yC

“The Orchard” by Hasty & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-13X

“The Whisper of Words” by Susan & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1qp

“Voices” by HastyWords and Sage Doyle http://wp.me/p2DnTA-QG

POSTED ON OTHER BLOGS – Here are the links to poems that appear on other blogs and may not have been posted here on mine, or have been recorded on another blog.

“Bleeding” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-bleeding

“Ego” my poem in spoken word by Shackled and Crowned http://wp.me/p2DnTA-XT

I’m Published in “The Paperbook Collective” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1p2

“Splayed” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-splayed

REQUESTED/DEDICATED – These poems were written by request according to the themes prompted by other bloggers, or they were written specifically for another blogger.  Footnotes are included which state the purpose of the poem and the blogger it was intended for.  Here I’ve also included poems I wrote for or about other people I know in my personal life.  There are more poems inspired by people included on this  page, but I’ve chosen not to put them all here in this category.

“An Artist” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-dI

“Books” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-books

“Books” Footnote http://wp.me/p2DnTA-c9

“Cock Blocked Art” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-eB

“Come Home” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1ia

“Conqueror” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-136

“Dear Dad” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1f7

“11:11 and Whatnot” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-hL

“For Susan” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-WB

“Hero” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-hero

“I Miss Her” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Uo

“In Difference” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1Qh

“Magic” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-magic

“Mirage” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-mirage

“Nostalgia” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1J5

“Ode to Hasty” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1Ih

“Ode To My Readers” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-ty

“Phoenix Woman” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-kP

“Rest in Peace Little Spirit” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1bx

“Sail” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-sail

“Source” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-source

“Surreal” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-surreal

“Sweet Dirty Love” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-uY

“The Ancient” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-oq

“The Bayou” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1HI

“The Better Friend” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1od

“The Bloggers” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-oz

“Camarade” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-camarade

“The Child” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1eV

“The Gun” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-flame

“The Rabbit of Seville, A Poem” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-fd

“The Singer” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-21

“To the Most Beautiful Woman I’ve Ever Known” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-12K

“Ungentlemanly” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-L9

“You Look Like Nature” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1GZ

RHYME SCHEME – I try to write my poetry with rhythm, whether or not it rhymes, yet these poems have specific rhyme schemes, not necessarily a rigid iambic pentameter or anything like that, but there’s definitely a method in place.

“Amber Skies” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-hp

“Amends” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-amends

“Artifact” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-artifact

“Confidante” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1zu

“Decree” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-decree

“Flame” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-e8

“Fortune” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-fortune

“Grim” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-grim

“Groom” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-groom

“Held Down” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-my

“I Know” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-mB

“In the Coming of the Winter” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1bD

“Mourning” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-mourning

“Not My Time” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1Gi

“Ode to Hasty” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1Ih

“Parade” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-parade

“The Ancient” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-oq

“The Gun” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-flame

“The Rabbit of Seville, A Poem” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-fd

“Trying to Write a Poem This Morning” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1jd

“Wayward” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-wayward

“Wondering Why” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1KL


A Poem http://wp.me/p2DnTA-12

“Approach” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-approach

“Breath” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-breath

“Bring Me In” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Ki

“Come” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-come

“Dear One” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-4i

“Domain” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-domain

“Here” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-here

“I Do What She Wants” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1nA

“Notice” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-notice

“Rain” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-rain

“Release” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-release

“Repair” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-repair

“Still” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-still

“Touch” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-touch

“You” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-you

“Yours” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-yours


“Come Forward” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-ZO

“Endowed” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-endowed

“Enflamed” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-enflamed

“Escape” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-escape

“Everything” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Jm

“Here and Now” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-NG

“Home” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-home

“Insatiable” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-11q

“Like a Beast” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Ev

“Moan” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-moan

“Moment” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-moment

“More” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-more

“Stream of Attraction” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-RX

“Summer Soul” by Hasty & Sage http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1yC

“Sweet Dirty Love” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-uY

“The Kiss” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-zN

“The Stairwell” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-PM

“Unrequited” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Xb

“Urgency” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-urgency

“Walden” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-walden

“Walk this Earth with Me” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Cd

“Water” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-water

“With” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-with

“World” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-world

“Your Love is Like the Ocean” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Yv


“A Day in Boston” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-UL

“Addiction” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-9v

“Adversary” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-10F

“A Fool” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Mc

“A Friend” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-kI

“A Little Hope” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-IW

“An End” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-G9

“Anger” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-anger

“A Plague” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-eS

“Attentions” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-hJ

“Basking” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-basking

“Bent” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-bent

“Betrayals” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-15b

“Between the Lines” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Jo

“Biding” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-biding

“Birth I” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-birth

“Birth II” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-aw

“Boundaries” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-HS

“Break Me” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Ky

“Broken Down” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-7n

“Bruises” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-bruises

“Brutal Honesty” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-EM

“Burden” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-burden

“Buttered Toast” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-14E

“Capsized” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-capsized

“Caravan” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-caravan

“Champagne” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Ne

“Chance” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-chance

“Choice” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-choice

“Churned” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-churned

“Coaxed” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-coaxed

“Companion” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Vw

“Conclusion” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1v8

“Convey” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-convey

“Cruelty” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-cruelty

“Curtain” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-curtain

“Darkened” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-darkened

“Deeper Breath” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1s9

“Destitute” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1hI

“Disease” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-disease

“Dismissed” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-TR

“Ease” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-ease

“Ease Me” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-KG

“Eclipse” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-eclipse

“Ego” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-ego

“Enemy” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-enemy

“Entered” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-entered

“Environment” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-ub

“Epitaph” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-epitaph

“Evolving” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-evolving

“Exposure” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-exposure

“Façade” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-façade

“Forgotten” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-b1

“Fostering” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-iv

“Fragments” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-nq

“Frivolous” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-7d

“Games” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-games

“Golden” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-golden

“Goodbye” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-goodbye

“Happy” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-happy

“Hate” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-hate

“Hermit Island” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-4N

“He Waits” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1K1

“Homeless” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-homeless

“Humanity” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-humanity

“Idle” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-idle

“Inflatus” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-inflatus

“Instigator” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Tv

“Instrument” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-NI

“Integrity” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1kI

“Intermittence” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-OW

“Judgments” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-12u

“Knowing” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-knowing

“Lay Them Down” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1gB

“Limits” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-limits

“Little Things” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1gn

“Lonely Matters” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-FM

“Longing” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-longing

“Lost” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-lost

“Lust” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-lust

“Mostly Alone” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-vT

“Mountain” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-mountain

“Mud” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-mud

“Naked” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-naked

“Naught” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-naught

“Near Holiday” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-4b

“No Way” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1m2

“Once” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-once

“One Day” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1ct

“Only I Can Sense” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1AG

“Our Song” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-5u

“Pathetic” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-pathetic

“Pedestrian” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Eq

“Precarious Thoughts” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1Ce

“Precision” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-cQ

“Reality Check” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-NY

“Remorse” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-remorse

“Renegade” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-renegade


“Reprieve” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-reprieve

“Resolute” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-resolute

“Responsibility” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-78

“Restraint” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1l8

“Running” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-running

“Salt” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-salt

“Sand” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-sand

“Satisfaction” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-SH

“Science” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-162

“Sculpture” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-ZC

“See” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-see

“Sleepless” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1BO

“Sleet” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-sleet

“Small Man” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-vi

“Sometimes an Asshole” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-wD

“Spring” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-spring

“Standing” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-standing

“Stationed” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-ES

“Still Me” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1iH

“Structure” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1vL

“Surveillance” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-vK

“Sustenance” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-qP

“Symbolic” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-symbolic

“Table Top” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-RR

“Taunted” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-taunted

“That Woman” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1kr

“The Argument” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-PZ

“The Book” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-16g

“The Clearing” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-15y

“The Moon” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-iG

“The No Man” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Qa

“The Tracks” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-1jv

“Thirsty” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-thirsty

“Threat” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-threat

“Time” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-time

“Tomorrow” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-tomorrow

“Toxins” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-toxins

“Treatise” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-treatise

“Triumph” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-triumph

“True” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-true

“Unlike Me” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-ak

“Unseen” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-unseen

“Waiting” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-waiting

“Want” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-want

“War” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-war

“What Happened” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-p8

“What You Did” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-Pm

“Wind” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-wind

“Within” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-within

“Words” http://wp.me/s2DnTA-words

“Yet Again” http://wp.me/p2DnTA-16d


18 thoughts on “POETRY”

  1. Quite an accomplishment! Looking forward to exploring the links… :) You have done a beautiful job thanks for sharing in such an organized way

    • Thanks so much! Yeah, this definitely was a lot of work, but it was worth it. I have so much poetry on the blog, and yet it’s very tedious for new readers to access the old stuff, so I just wanted it all more accessible. Thanks again :)

  2. thisoldtoad2014 said:

    Working hard or hard at work?

  3. wow so many…love it.

  4. Impressive catalog of inked lines. Top one for sorting.

  5. Thank you for adding my poems to this
    awesome list my great friend and do have
    a truly awesome and happy Easter Sage :)


  6. Ajaytao2010 said:

    Please visit my new blog, hope you like it


    thank you so much :)

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